Monty's Wrap - 2017 State Minor Snooker Championships

A great weekend of snooker, a congratulations to all contesting, well played and well enjoyed by all. The format was Round Robin with 4 groups of 5 the 2 highest placed from each group to progress into the round of 8 knock out stage.  Some great performances from players who did not reach that stage with the likes of Sarah Moeahu who won her first match at open State titles. Hilton Moeahu who was one win from placing into the last 8, and Dennis Wignall who lost his first 5 frames before rallying to win his last 4.

Positioning of players into the round of 8 was determined by standings after completion of the roundrobin groups. An outcome far different than if i was selecting the round from my own rankings. In the bottom half of the Sunday draw we had  a double dual S.A champion, a Queensland State Champion, a Tasmanian State Champion (with a Australian title to boot) plus the giant slayer himself Craig Hese. Even so, the eventual winner came from the top group!

Congratulations to Jason Ahmad and very well played. This is Jason’s first State Event and must be so proud given his journey over the last 20 odd years he has been exceling in this sport. Jason got off to an indifferent start through the groups. During the Knock out Stages his game accelerated and by the final was playing his customary confident steady approach. Well done to Peter Darby as the runner up never wavering from his style. Peter was strong up into the final looking a bit tired hence trying to force the result.

The Encouragement Award was won by Kane Weekley. With development in confidence and knowledge of snooker, Kane will become one of State’s finest cueists for some time to come. We are looking forward to watching his progression during the upcoming Australian Junior Challenge at the Venue in mid-January. Close behind Kane in the award were Sarah and Hilton Moeahu who both had fine tournaments. As with Kane we are looking forward to more from them and they are a welcome addition to our prospects in the future.

Finally, a special mention to Stewart Robinson - the event brought to the fore so much in the recent development for his game. All his hard work in his own game over the last few months was evident in his results, an important reminder to all of us to heed.  He was undefeated in his round robingroup and made it through to the semi-finals before meeting Jason.

In closing, the event itself can be seen as a great advertisement for our game. It was well contested and more importantly very much enjoyed by all.

For those who missed out look forward to our next State Event, the Johnny Gilbert Memorial on27 January 2018.

Meanwhile, please patronise the Ian Chappell Invitational on 9 December 2017 with 16 of the State’s top players competing  It will be played in the 147 format with a semi-final group playing for the final 8. It will be fast, furious and fun.

All the Best...




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