ABSC joins the World Snooker Federation

The ABSC has been invited to join the WPBSA's World SnookerFederation. The Executive stated that they would make a decision regarding this invitation after hearing the positions put forward at the recent IBSF AGM. Wewere happy to hear from Jason Ferguson that the IBSF and WPBSA are indiscussions, and that there could be a resolution within the coming months. TheABSC & the NZBSA jointly proposed a motion at that AGM that our wish is forthe two bodies to work together. This was met with acclamation.

The ABSC is committed to giving Australian players everyopportunity to excel and succeed. After due consideration, the ABSC executivehas resolved that the ABSC will join the WSF for 2018.

We wish to make it clear that the ABSC still fully supports theIBSF, and recognizes that the opportunities that the IBSF presents in terms ofMasters, Women's, Under 21s, Coaches and Referees are an equallyimportant aspect of our sport. The ABSC's aim is to cater for all thoseinvolved in the sport.

We look forward to hearing of further positive developments withWSF and the IBSF working together in the future.

Frank Dewens

President ABSC


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