Inaugrual Ian Chappell Invitational

2017 Ian Chappell

Snooker Invitational

    Welcome to players and guests. This is the inaugural year of this event. The tournament is designed to bring the cream of South Australian Snooker Players together on show for our members and the public in general. The Invitational is earmarked as an annual event and we expect that it will become one of the most prestigious tournaments in our calendar year.

     Ian Chappell is a home grown product. We are all familiar in his standing in the Australian Cricket both now as a commentator and in the past as a player, captaining both South Australia and more importantly Australia. We are honoured in sharing and helping him enjoy one of his other passions being Snooker. Ian is not only our Association’s  Patron but one of the ABSC’s National Patrons.

To one and all, come in and enjoy the day with Ian and see South Australia’s finest cueists do battle. In addition to the entertainment there will be door prizes for members of the audience.  Admission is free.

The first round commences at 10.00 am.  The final round commences at 2.00 pm and will conclude around 5.30 pm.

The Format

     The tournament will be run on the 147 format. It has been called the 20 20 of snooker.  There will be two groups of 8. Each entrant plays 7 frames with a 21 minute maximum on each frame. Overall winner and placing in each group is determined by the points aggregate of the 7 frames.

     The top 4 finishers from each group will comprise the last 8 final. The Final will be played in the same format as above.

Player Requirements

·         Players to be presented to Tournament Organiser by 9.45 am.

·         Strictly full competition dress i.e. Dark Slacks, dark dress shoes, and plain shirt with button down sleeves, vest and bow tie.

Prize Monies

·         Winner………………..$400.00

·         Second………………...$200.00

·         Third and Fourth…….$100.00 (each)

·         Fifth to Eighth………...$50.00  (each)

·         Highest Break during the course of entire day……$100.00

·         Two random draws of $50.00 each for players who were eliminated in the morning and are present at the award presentation.

We welcome all to come, enjoy the day, chat with the players and chat with Ian. The tournament is not in the traditional format but like Ian’s cricket it will be fast and it will be entertaining.

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