In 1922 the Association reformed following the break account WW1. The 1922 Billiards title was held in late September.

 In 1924 & 1925 State Snooker titles were played followed by a 3 year break resuming in 1929.

Hanley dominated the Snooker titles.

Buchanan and Hearnden the Billiards.

National Billiards resumed in 1920 following no tournaments during WW1.

George Shailer (NSW) winning four National Billiards titles.

In 1927 Les Hayes made his first appearance and would go on to win 6 National tiles.

In 1923 South Australia hosted its first National Billiards and in 1929 A.H. (Bert ) Hearnden gave South Australia its first National Billiards Championship winner.


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