Col Conlan

Born 1954, and have been involved in cue sports for 50 years.
Long term member of both Snooker and 8Ball associations in SA and WA.
Regular Association representative team member of Central Districts 8Ball Association, and State Carnival player.
Voted Clubman of the Year in Southern River (WA) 8 Ball association, for Coaching 2005.
Club Champion Doubles competition, Club Runner up for Club Singles Title for SR8BA 2004/2005 2015 Silver Medalist Australian Masters Games for snooker.
2015 State Title holder SA State Minor Snooker.
Current Snooker referee, having refereed Reventon Titles in SA,2015/2016 Accredited Snooker coach 2015.

Jason Ahmad

Jason has been playing all forms of cue sports for over 25 years. During that time he has been a keen student of the game and, through perseverance, has elevated his game to a reasonably high personal standard. He has played in countless state and national tournaments and has been the A grade snooker singles champion on two occasions. He has twice been runner up in the American State 8 ball championships. In 2000, he won the World Artistic Pool Championship and the National Artistic Pool Championship beating out more than 250 players from over 12 countries. He makes regular appearances in the latter stages of national 8 ball and 9 ball events and clearly has a love for all the different cue sports.

Peter Udycz

Peter is an accredited coach registered with the AIS who commenced playing cue-sports at the age of 16. He has been actively coaching since 1998 and has won titles and tournaments in all forms of cue-sports.

Peter is a twice South Australian State Snooker Title holder, and a 14 times South Australian State Billiards Title holder,  in addition to 9-ball pool and 8-ball titles.

Peter has represented the South Australia and Australia over the course of his playing life. Peter is married with four children at home and one in ADFA.

Tad Babiak

Tad is an accredited coach registered with the AIS and the current State Director of Coaching. He started playing cuesports at the age of 15 playing 8-ball, then moved on to Snooker and Billiards. Tad is a former South Australian State Snooker champion and twice State 6 Reds champion.

Aged 58, married with 2 adult children, Tad's major focus in coaching cue-sports is correct technique.


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